Ghoulish Garnishes!

What are you using?

Ready for all the Halloween cocktail making? Halloween drinks and treats will help make your Halloween at home much more fun this year, alcoholic or not, and we all know that the devil is in the details! Cute and yummy garnishes will help make your drinks pop even more.

My favorite local coffee shop is using Halloween Peeps for garnishes this year and while they are BOOtiful, they're also hard to find this year due to supply issues. So I'm curious: what are you using for garnishes? Olives make great eye-like objects for spooky drinks, and gummy body part candies can work in a pinch, but what else is there?

Share your GHOULISH garnishes in the chat! 

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Adagio Halloween Teas

Fun teas in fun tins!

Flavored teas are my jam, and when I saw Adagio's Halloween set, I got so excited! It's a set of six wicked teas that range from zero to high caffeine, all with scrumptious Halloween flavors! From Bat Brew to Cat Scratch, they even come with cute Halloween names.

The candy apple blend is the one I'm most excited to try. It consists of black tea, apple pieces, natural caramel apple flavor, cinnamon bark, natural vanilla flavor, and red sugar crystals--how could you not love that? It sounds like fall in a cup and I'm here for it. I think it would be wonderful with a bit of brandy in it (or any other warming alcohol of your choice).

Would you try these teas? Check them out and tell us which one is your favorite.

The Creepiest of Cocktails

Share your recipes!

The spooky season is upon us and it's time to create those super scary drinks! It's even more important to try your hand at it if you're social distancing and staying home. What better way is there to make Halloween more festive and fun?

How does a bloody brain shooter sound? Or a drunken spider? You can try these and 18 more creepy cocktails here. Dry ice, black sugar and salt and cute-yet-creepy embellishments help to make all of these drinks pleasing to your aesthetic as well as the palate!

What creepy cocktails are you whipping up? Share them in the chat!

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Presidential Debate Drinking Games

What are you playing?

If you're not drinking while you watch the presidential debate tonight, you may just wish you were. After hearing that they're being modded by a Fox guy (of course), they're not addressing climate change at ALL and one of the topics is "race and violence in our streets," I kind of want to start drinking already. 

To lighten up what's bound to be a truly depressing event, plenty of people are coming up with fun drinking games. Drink, for example, every time Trump says the word "tremendous." There's a game where you choose a candidate to keep the drinking down a bit, as well as a more intense version.

Looking for something without booze? Try this BINGO game instead.

Will you be drinking while you watch the debate? Share the games you're playing in the chat.

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Buttery Drinks for Fall

What are you enjoying?

From warm, buttery butterbeer to cocktails like the Buttery Finger, butter beverages are among my favorites. It's really fun to experiment with them and find out how ingredients like chai, cinnamon and cardamom transform the flavors.

Butterscotch is a traditional flavor when it comes to buttery drinks, but now there are many ways to get a variety of buttery flavors. You can actually order butter-flavored drops to add to anything you like, foregoing any extra calories, or even work with melted candies to play with your flavors.

What kinds of buttery drinks do you like to make and what are the most creative ways you use to make them? Share your recipes in the chat.


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Candy Apple Drinks

Share your recipes!

Skinny Girl Syrups has a new Candy Apple syrup that at first sniff smells like cough syrup, but once you add it to your tea it's actually quite tasty! I'm really enjoying it but I'm sure there is much more I can do with it than add it to my tea.

An apple martini comes to mind, but I'm betting I could make a pretty decent apple milkshake with it. I'm thinking of mixing in some skinny Cinnamon Dulce with it to make an apple cinnamon concoction! I bet there are other combinations that would work really well, too. Maybe Maple Bourbon Pecan?

What would you make with candy apple syrup? Share your recipes in the chat!

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Witchy Holiday Drinks

What are you brewing?

If you've ever experienced the calming effects of a cuppa or the seductive nature of a cocktail, you know that enjoying a drink can be a magical experience. The book WitchCraft Cocktails features 70 different recipes meant to give you a witchy experience as well as enjoyment.

You can use these for spells. You can use them for fun. You can use these recipes however you like, which is the beauty of this ebook!

Do you make witchy cocktails? Share them with us in the chat!

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Spooky Halloween Challenge

Create Your Own Cocktail!

Over at Spooky Little Halloween there is a fun Halloween contest going on to design a fun, spooky drink for the season. You can enter by designing your drink and submitting it on their Facebook page by Friday. 

The only requirment is that the drink has to be purple! Otherwise it can have alcohol or not, and it can be as creative as you like. The company is hosting a similar challenge every week until Halloween so be sure to follow them.

What kinds of spooky little drinks have you come up with? Share them in the chat! 

Stephen King Themed Drinks

What are you making for Halloween?

How fun is it that Stephen King themed cocktails exist, because of course they do? Lots of fans have created drinks based on everything from It to the Tommyknockers, and while you can of course always create your own, it's also fun to see what others have created!

I love the drinks here, which include a nice variety that also look really yummy. I think this collection has not only the most variety but a lot of creativity, too!

What is your favorite Stephen King themed drink? Share it in the chat! 

Shelf Stable Drinks

Are you prepping?

Many doctors and scientists are anticipating a difficult fall and winter this year with Covid upon us, so many people have been stocking up in preparation. I've been wondering about shelf stable foods for that purpose.

I bought some shelf-stable milk and while I want to try it, it will defeat the whole purpose of being shelf-stable if I open it up! My family goes through milk and while I'm fine with coconut, almond or other alternatives that are shelf-stale, they aren't, so I thought this would be great to try.

What other shelf stable foods and beverages do you use? Share them in the chat.

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