Valentine's Cocktails a la Dunkin'

These look so yummy!

Semi-homemade is a favorite theme in our house. We often pick something up and customize it once we get home. But I never thought of making a cocktail from a Dunkin' drink! That's what the company is suggesting we do for Valentine's Day with their new recipes.

The Pink Velvetini and Chocolate Lovers Boozy Milkshake are both based on Dunkin' drinks--in this case, the Iced Pink Velvet Macchiato and the Iced Mocha Macchiato--and rely on the boozy ingredients you have at home to complete them as cocktails. I can't wait to make them for Valentine's Day!

Have you ever made similar cocktails with a drink you purchased somewhere? What are you making for Valentine's Day?

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High Tea to Go

Wouldn't you love some?

Like many people, I've been missing drinking in restaurants, especially when it comes to a nice cup of tea with treats. For Mother's Day last year, my family brought me home a nice high tea from one of our local tea shops and it was pretty impressive. I'm hoping for a repeat but maybe with better sandwiches, as I'm not big on fish or chicken salad.

We have a few tea shops within a 30-minute range around us offering high tea at various sizes and rates, and I'm a big cucumber sandwich kind of person. I love all of the sweets, scones and especially the tea!

Do you know of a great place that serves high tea to go? Tell us about it in the chat.

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Curious Elixirs Offers New Grant Program

Company supports artists through pandemic

Curious Elixirs is already a really cool company that sells alcohol-free cocktails but now they're even cooler. They are offering grants to help support artists during the pandemic and submissions for applications are due on February 15.

If you're an artist and you use words, music, food, movement or other arts as your medium, you may want to consider this opportunity. There are various grants being offered in the available categories so be sure to check it out.

Does your favorite beverage company do any cool supportive projects for the community? Share them in the chat!

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Weird Tea History

Know of any?

Every day when I make cup after cup of tea while working, I don't think much of it. It's a calming ritual, sure, but I take it for granted. Wars were started with tea. Cults have formed around tea. Don't believe me? Check out these weird origins of Celestial Seasonings that are making their way around the Internet.

It's... weird, to say the least. It has extraterrestrial nods that remind us of Scientology, to start. Much of the book has been debunked, but it's odd to note that it was supposedly written by someone who was channeling aliens... It also goes from weird to harmful when it gets into eugenics and racism. Read the link to see more about these racist views.

Have you read any other weird histories of food or drinks lately? Share them in the chat.

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Great Meals As Drinks

What do you enjoy most?

I LOVE to drink my meals. If I could make every meal into a smoothie without a mess, I probably would! I am a big fan of getting my spinach and avocado that way, especially on a busy day when I can just drink it while I'm working or homeschooling. It's a great way to cram in vitamins and minerals without having to cook, which is not one of my hobbies. I'm also only a fan of spinach in salads otherwise, so it's a fun way to get my greens in without having to whip one up.

Almond butter smoothies are my favorite lately, but I'm planning on experimenting with some protein powders and flavors soon. I'd love to make a mock fruity pebbles smoothie, and I love dulce de leche and other sweet flavors, too. I'd love to know what smoothie powders and flavors you use without adding sugar!

What are your favorite smoothie powders? What bases do you like best? Share them in the chat!

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The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Which are your favorites?

Whether you're trying to cut back or eliminate alcohol, or you just love fun, fruity drinks without the booze, there are so many great nonalcoholic drinks available that you almost feel compelled to try them all! If you're avoiding sugar like me, you can even find some sugar-free drinks, or make your own with sugar-free syrups and teas at home.

HuffPo just published a list of 12 of the best non-alcoholic drinks to try right now and I'll tell you what... it's goals. Especially for a year like 2021 when we're all still staying home as much as we can. Herbal, citrus, fruity, bitter or even alcohol-tasting without the actual alcohol, there's a flavor for everyone.

What non-alcoholic drinks are your favorites right now? Share them in the chat.

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New Teas in 2021

What's on your radar?

As a tea aficionado, I'm always down for trying new teas. Right now I'm loving Stash's Christmas in Paris and Celestial Seasoning's White Chocolate Peppermint and Sugar Cookie flavors for the holidays, but I love SO many varieties and types of tea. After finding Adaigo Tea online I figured I'd never have to search for new flavors to try again, but it's so much fun to stumble on new flavors that I just can't help it!

Hot, smoking and spicy flavors, or flavors that "tingle," are supposed to be all the rage in 2021, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Flavors that comfort and drinks that "function," like blends that provide antioxidants, are also supposed to be a big deal.

What teas are on your radar for the new year? Share them in the chat!

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Neighborhood Drink Swap

A festive way to celebrate the holidays from afar

Many of us are devastated to have to stay home this holiday season rather than spend it with our loved ones, but here's a festive New Year's idea that you might want to try. Create a group of people (via text, email, etc. and not in person!) to exchange holiday drinks and recipes with one another. It's like a cookie exchange, but with cocktails! Many of us miss having a great cocktail out or at a party this year, and it gets expensive buying ingredients for multiple drinks. But if we were to each buy the things to make one for one another and share them with little cocktail kits, how fun could that get?

You can use single serving containers with lids so you don't have to buy a bottle for every household, or splurge on it if you like. Include festive garnishes if you can for an extra flair. Then drop them off on each other's porches for a fun exchange that will help you have a nice New Year's Eve at home. If you don't do alcohol, be sure to let everyone know and create nonalcoholic beverages, too.

What cocktails are you making to celebrate the holidays? Share them in the chat!

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Your Best Kale and Spinach Drink Recipes!

Whatcha got?

I just bought a big bag of spinach and an even bigger bag of kale (not because I like it more--that's just what was available!) to start making green smoothies again. I used to make them all the time and even had a juicer around here somewhere. Usually I used apple juice, orange juice and other sweet additions to my drinks but I'd like to learn to make some green smoothies that are much lower in sugar.

Many don't like fake sweeteners or stevia, and I understand, but I'm totally open to recipes that include either of those. Someone mentioned making one with an avocado, spinach and peppermint extract, which sounds pretty awesome to me! When you make them right you don't taste the greens at all, really, and mint would definitely provide a strong flavor.

What green smoothies do you love, especially of the sugar-free variety? I'd love more recipes!

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The Best Nog on Earth

What's your favorite?

It's December, which means everyone seems to be enjoying eggnog of some sort. Although I've always loved the smell of 'nog, I've never enjoyed the taste. Maybe it's because I've never had a brand that I liked much, so that's where you come in.

I'd love to hear who has the BEST eggnog, whether it's a recipe you have, a brand you think is best or any other kind of eggnog. I have a feeling that making it from scratch is going to be my best bet because it's bound to be the best, right? I've looked up a few and it doesn't look that difficult...

What eggnog made you fall in love with the drink? Share your recipes and favorite types of 'nog in the chat.

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