Lavender Infused Drinks

What are you making for spring?

Lavender is one of my favorite spring flavors, but I must confess that I usually keep it limited to my perfume and my tea. I also don't like it by itself at all; it has to have something to mellow it out a bit, like vanilla, for me to find it palatable.

Here's a Lavender Gin Sour cocktail that might be nice to try. I'd have to modify it for my dietary needs but it wouldn't be difficult. This Lavender Lemonade looks gorgeous and I'm kind of a sucker for that combination as it is. My favorite way to enjoy it is in Earl Grey tea, but I even have that blend in a perfume oil.

What kind of lavender drinks do you enjoy this time of year? Share them in the chat!

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Best Knockoff Liquor Brands

Which do you swear by?

When it comes to liquor, I'm pretty flexible about my brands. Yes, I love Bacardi and Jack Daniels but I've had plenty of other brands that were perfectly fine. Many knockoff brands are even better than the originals in terms of quality and flavor (and especially when it comes to price!), but I know many people swear by different knockoff brands.

In my case, it's Aldi's O'Conner's. It's just as good as Bailey's but I think it's even better! It's almost half the cost of Bailey's, is a bit sweeter and goes down smoother. I heard there was a mint version for March as well.

What's your favorite knockoff brand and why? Share it in the chat!

Yummy Easter Beverages

What are you making?

Easter is almost here, so it's time to make those springy, flavorful drinks to celebrate! Personally we are thinking of getting Mexican for Easter this year--just as something different since we won't be able to be with family again--and I have jalapeno margaritas on the brain. Even so, there are so many other yummy concoctions that it's hard to narrow it down to just one.

Purple is my favorite color for Easter, so you know I'm all about tea with peaflower in it. Then there's this Cottontail Martini. Have you heard of a cuter name than that? It's super cute and has pineapple coconut flavors, which will get us right in the mood for some balmy weather. 

So what are you making to drink for Easter? Share your recipes and ideas in the chat.

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Quincy's Tavern

THE place for your next drink and cozy conversation

Like many Millennials, I'm a little obsessed with TikTok these days. It's bound to happen when you're home as much as we are, right? There are so many great drink recipes to be had on TikTok, including the latest Corona Tequila Sunrise challenge, but I'd like to talk about Quincy's Tavern

Is there a place where you can practice more hygge on the Internet than this cozy spot where Quincy prepares food and drinks, gives you gentle advice and makes you feel so valued? I am going to make Quincy's chocolate chai drink tonight! I'm so happy I stumbled upon this channel and know that I'll return to it often. It's pretty much what we all need right now (especially if you're with me in missing last season's Ren Faire season due to the pandemic!).

Quincy also has Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, so if you don't use TikTok you can still embrace this goodness.

Where are you finding awesome drinks and atmosphere lately? Share your sources in the chat.

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Skinny Mixes Presents Two New Flavors

Blends contain immunity and energy!

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Skinny Syrups, and I'm excited to share that they have some new flavors with even newer benefits. I'm not sure if the company has ever sold energy and immunity boosters before, but the two new flavors that I saw today have one or the other in them.

The new Citrus Splash has an immunity blend in it that provides vitamin C, zinc and B vitamins. Like the company's other flavors, it also has no sugar or calories. The new Peach Ring flavor has energy as well as B vitamins with a similar composition. Both have price tags at just under $10, which is much heftier than the standard bottle. I'm not sure if I'll try it or not but I'm tempted!

How about you? Will you be trying these flavors?

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Cannabis Sales Nearly Double

Convenience cited as the main drive for sales

Sales of beverages infused with cannabis are on the upward trend, with companies seeing 40% more beverages sold. The reason for these sales is thought to be the convenience offered through the beverages rather than other cannabis-laden products, as well as events like Dry January when consumers look for alternative ways of relaxing.

Personally I think sales are up for a much simpler reason: we are in a pandemic. We all want to find ways to de-stress and relax more easily, and cannabis beverages offer the means in, yes, a convenient way. It's probably a good thing, especially if it helps with anyone's mental health during times of stress.

Do you drink any cannabis-infused beverages? If so, which ones? Share them in the chat.

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Drinks That Could Shorten Your Life

Do you drink any of these?

Sometimes there just seems to be too many choices on this planet, especially when it comes to food and beverages. We think that we would like to eat or drink something without wondering whether or not we should. In this case, scientists say some drinks are definitely worse than others and may even shorten our lives.

The fact that alcohol and coffee make the list makes your eyes roll, right? Every day there is a differing opinion on whether they're beneficial or not, and the end result is likely to be both, depending on type, moderation and other factors. Sugary and energy drinks, on the other hand, are kind of a no-brainer here. We drink what we like, but too much is definitely harmful.

What do you think is the worst drink on the list? The best? Do you drink a lot of them?

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Fun Drinks Inspired by Movies

What is your favorite recipe?

While looking for more Valentine's cocktails (and ending up just enjoying a glass of Bailey's) I ran across this fun cocktail based on the horror comedy The Love Witch. It looks yummy but more important, it made me want to see what other films have inspired drinks. Let me tell you, there are too many to count!

My favorites are in this list of Halloween cocktails inspired by scary movies (Bride of Frankenstein? yes, please!), but you can find drinks inspired by everything from Tarantino to Marvel and in between. 

What is your favorite drink inspired by a film or TV show?

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Valentine's Cocktails a la Dunkin'

These look so yummy!

Semi-homemade is a favorite theme in our house. We often pick something up and customize it once we get home. But I never thought of making a cocktail from a Dunkin' drink! That's what the company is suggesting we do for Valentine's Day with their new recipes.

The Pink Velvetini and Chocolate Lovers Boozy Milkshake are both based on Dunkin' drinks--in this case, the Iced Pink Velvet Macchiato and the Iced Mocha Macchiato--and rely on the boozy ingredients you have at home to complete them as cocktails. I can't wait to make them for Valentine's Day!

Have you ever made similar cocktails with a drink you purchased somewhere? What are you making for Valentine's Day?

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High Tea to Go

Wouldn't you love some?

Like many people, I've been missing drinking in restaurants, especially when it comes to a nice cup of tea with treats. For Mother's Day last year, my family brought me home a nice high tea from one of our local tea shops and it was pretty impressive. I'm hoping for a repeat but maybe with better sandwiches, as I'm not big on fish or chicken salad.

We have a few tea shops within a 30-minute range around us offering high tea at various sizes and rates, and I'm a big cucumber sandwich kind of person. I love all of the sweets, scones and especially the tea!

Do you know of a great place that serves high tea to go? Tell us about it in the chat.

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