Bones Coffee Christmas in July

Stock up on holiday flavors!

Bones Coffee is one of my favorite places to buy ground coffee, and right now they are having their annual Christmas in July sale. That means they will be selling their delicious winter holiday flavors right now in the middle of summer! I love that they sell sample packs so you can try before you buy the larger bags, and as someone who loves to drink different flavors every day, I tend to buy mostly samples to just keep it fresh every day.

The holiday flavors include:

White Chocolate Peppermint Bark
Jingle Bones (Coconut, Vanilla, Caramel)
Gingerbread Man
Oh Fuuudge!

Having tried most of these I highly recommend the Oh Fuuudge. It's so delicious. This year I plan on trying the eggnog flavor, too.

Will you be trying any of these flavors? If not, where do you like to buy flavored coffee samples? Share your source in the chat!

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Win a Free Milk Tea Kit

Check Out the Sticky Ballz Instagram Contest

If you're a bubble tea lover, you might want to know that not only are there kits to make your own bubble tea at home--I know, right?--but that Sticky Ballz is having a contest right now to win an entire at-home set, including multiple flavors, boba, stainless steel straws and ice cubes, and a tumbler! It's such a cool deal so be sure to visit their Instagram to check it out.

According to the company, there are many different kits available on the market, but theirs only takes five minutes to make. The knowledge of both of these existing--at-home bubble tea kits AND kits that cook quickly--is exciting!

Do you know of other places where you can get bubble tea to make at home? Share them in the chat!

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Disney-Inspired Drinks

Check out these TikTok creators for recipes.

TikTok gets a bad rap for being a goofy place for Gen Z's to do dance challenges, but this Elder Millennial has found it to be a fantastic place for recipes, decorating ideas, woke discussion and much more. There are lots of content creators who focus on Disney-inspired everything, from outfits to decor, and the Disney cocktails are especially fun.

PopSugar made a list of a bunch of these creators but there are surely many others who design drinks and even foods after Disney characters. I've seen some who just see what a food or drink item looks like in a film and then create what they think it would look and taste like! Sheer brilliance. I'm sure not all of them are fantastic but the ones I've tried have been.

What Disney-inspired drinks have you seen or made? Share them in the chat.

Jelly Belly Drink Enhancers

Perfect for summertime!

As someone who avoids sugary drinks yet always craves them, I'm on the lookout for a good substitute all of the time. Lemonade is one of the drinks I've never been able to find in a lower-sugar version that perfectly matches my craving... until now! Jelly Belly makes drink enhancers and their lemonade, which doesn't have any sugar, is exactly what I was looking for.

The company makes other enhancer flavors as well, including green apple, cherry and punch, and while I haven't tried them yet I may have to after this incredible find. I'm talking snocones, shakes, mixed drinks that call for lemonade, the works!

What drink enhancers do you swear by? Have you tried these? Share your favorites in the chat. 

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Skinny Syrups Sale

Save 20% with this code!

If you're getting that drink cabinet ready for summer, it's a great time to stock up on Skinny Syrups. The company has a sale going on right now where you can save 20% off all syrups with the code SUMMER2021. The sale is good through Memorial Day and as always, if you spend $59 or more you also get free shipping.

Many lovers of Skinny Syrups prefer to get them in person at Marshall's and other stores that sell the products, and you can definitely save on shipping that way. But the site also has lots of flavors and products that you may not find in the stores. There are also many recipes to search through that might inspire your summer repertoire.

What syrups do you like in your drinks? Share them in the chat.

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Tell Pepsi That Voter Suppression Isn't Good Drinking

Maybe it's time to switch to Coke?

Finding things that are good to drink and sharing them is what we are all about here, but sometimes we find a drink that's terrible for all of us. This spring, over 300 voter suppression bills have been proposed, some of them passing and further disenfranchising voters who are already vulnerable, and there are drink sellers providing the funds to make this happen.

Pepsi gave the U.S. Chamber of Congress $500,000 in 2020 and while they've spoken out against voter suppression since learning of what the trade group has done, they haven't yet committed to fully stopping their donations. They agreed to a "pause" but Pepsi fans who are anti-oppression and racism, no matter their political party, want this to become permanent. Sign here to ask Pepsi to stop these donations.

Do you know another drink company who needs some pressure from the people? How about one doing great things that could use support? Share them in the chat.

Drinks Inspired By Disney Films

What have you made?

There's a TikTok account where the chef makes all kinds of Disney-inspired foods and it made me wonder... what about drinks? I can't think of a single Disney drink that I've made on my own (aside from tea or coffee, which can be found in plenty of films), but do other people make them?

Y'all... there are dozens, if not hundreds, of Disney-themed cocktails, from the Vanellope Sugar Rush cocktail to Elsa's Frozen Cocktail. There are so many cocktails that you could make one every day for a year with no problem. That said, I still haven't found a good Disney drink to really make. Ursula's potion, maybe? What would you make?

Have you made any Disney cocktails? Share them in the chat.

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The Most Obnoxious Drink Ever

What's the worst you've seen--or ordered?

As much as I love coffee, I've never fazed a barista with my order. Even when I make a couple of subs for lower sugar, my barista has always said it was nothing and they see so many more complex orders each day. It seems really complicated to me, but when I saw this order on Twitter, all I could think was that I'm glad I'm not a barista myself!

Just look at it! It is incredibly long and looks like it has a few complicated procedures worked into the recipe. I don't even know what some of these ingredients are and I wonder how long it took to order, let alone make. Maybe it's a case of the customer using up a bunch of stars and wanting to see how much could fit in a cup? 

What is the most complicated drink order that you've ever seen--or made yourself? Share it in the chat! 

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All The Lemonade

Are you craving it?

Although spring isn't my favorite season, it seems like every time it comes around I can't stop craving lemonade. I love lemonade no matter what, but for some reason I want it constantly in the springtime. Recently one of our local European restaurants has taken to making Nitro Lemonade and I'm a little addicted, even though I'm trying to stay away from the sugar.

Looking up other lemonades the other day I noticed that several local restaurants have multiple lemonade recipes, some with mixed drinks, that look incredible. From habanero chili lemonade to strawberry basil varieties, I almost need a punch card for the ones I want to try! There's ginger peach, cucumber mind and other varieties, too.

Do you know of a place that serves a fantastic lemonade? What about a really good recipe to make at home? Share them in the chat!

Hydration Tips

Share yours in the chat

Whether you're dehydrated like so many people who don't even realize it or just want to make sure you keep up on your fluids while you're out having a good time, it's kind of amazing how we, as humans, often fail to take care of ourselves. It's not hard in a busy world full of obligations; we may still be animals deep down, but it's very easy to ignore our needs when we have so much--and often so many others--to care for.

Some really great hydration tips I've learned recently include:

Drink two glasses of water when you first wake up. Do this even before you have your coffee. It will help you wake up and hydrate you after you've been sleeping and fasting. It will also help activate your metabolism.

Drink a glass of water before each meal. Not only will this help you stay hydrated, but it will help you stay full. 

Some research says that drinking water before your shower or bath can help lower your blood pressure, but some evidence says it's a myth. It couldn't hurt, though, and warm baths/showers actually do help lower your blood pressure and even give you the same benefits of a walk.

Don't forget that you get lots of your fluids from the fruit and vegetables you eat and other drinks, so if you're regularly drinking fluids you shouldn't worry too much about dehydration. 

What other hydrating tips do you have? Share them in the chat!

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