Carbon-Free Certified Coffee

What do you know about it?

Recently I bought some coffee from Grounds for Change through a fundraiser some friends' kids were having for their school, and I'm pretty much addicted to this coffee. It's just the best coffee I've had, and I'm really not a coffee snob by any means; if it's not burnt I'll drink it (well, I might draw the line at amaretto, which I detest). But this coffee may convert me for life.

Grounds for Change is fair trade, eco-friendly and, as I recently learned, carbon-free certified. This means the company really focuses on its emissions and offsets ALL of its carbon emissions by planting trees. Be still my heart! This is so in line with what I want to be drinking (and buying) in 2020. I'm also stoked that they do sell flavored coffees, which is something I really love.

Do you know more about carbon-free certification and other drinks that meet this goal? Please share the info and brands with us in the chat! I'd love to know more.

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The Most Mouthwatering Teas

Share your favorites!

Boozy or not, a tall glass of iced tea will always make my day. The same goes for a nice cuppa made on the stove. I love my coffee, but I also love my tea and you can't make me choose!

But if I had to pick a favorite tea, I don't know where I'd begin. Maybe with Tazo's Earl Grey, Vanilla Macaron or Lemon Loaf, all of which I usually have stocked in the house. I like all of them cold or hot, but do prefer hot lattes made with each. Or maybe I'd share my favorite sweetened iced teas from Southern Breeze, which I take with me everywhere to make iced tea on the go. Of course, a good Thai tea will always top my favorites list, too. 

What is your favorite kind of tea? Share your favorite tea recipes and brands in the chat!

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Alcohol-Free Bars Are Now A Thing

Sober people need to socialize, too!

Younger people are drinking less alcohol, and everyone who abstains from drinking still wants to have the opportunity to drink non-alcoholic drinks in social environments and meet friends as well as new people. The solution to the traditional bar environment? Sober bars!

Sober bars are social hubs where people can enjoy themselves without the threat of temptation and the understanding of other sober drinkers (and bartenders). Avoiding alcohol can be very isolating, so these bars present people with a way of socializing without having to even think about turning down booze. It's a really cool concept that I hope catches on. 

Have you been to a sober bar? What did you think of it? Tell us about it in the chat.

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Valentine Drinks

What are you serving?

It's not a Valentine celebration without at least one good drink, even if it's just some yummy punch with sherbet floating on top. has 11 drink suggestions that fit the bill, ranging from the classic and romantic to the decadently delicious!

The ginger gin fizz is definitely something I'd love to try. It sounds very '20s and that pop of ginger sounds fresh and tasty. I'd also love a Milk and Honey, but I think I'd prefer mine hot. 

How about you? What kinds of Valentine drinks are you preparing this month?

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Curious Elixirs Is Hiring

Good drinkers welcome!

Are you a fan of Curious Elixirs, the booze-free craft cocktails with no added sugar that are becoming increasingly popular? If so, you may want to know that they are hiring! They have become so busy that they are in need of help to get their big queue of orders out in a timely manner.

They invite anyone who's curious and hoping to transform what drinking looks like where you live to DM them on Instagram. It definitely sounds like a fun gig for the drinker of non-alcoholic beverages who likes quality, low-sugar drinks!

Do you know of any other great job opportunities for good drinkers? Share them in the chat.

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More Milk Options

Is Macadamia Nut Milk the answer?

Good drinkers, I'm still feeling so conflicted about which milk to purchase. I like my milk nut-based and as close to sugar-free as possible (I also like coconut milk), but as we've discussed before, my almond milk infatuation just isn't good for the planet. I'm still trying to find the most eco-friendly milk on the market.

What do you think about macadamia nut milk? I found some at my local Aldi this week and I'm excited to try it tomorrow. I've been reading about it and it looks like it might be a better option, although it may be pea milk that's the best bet for the planet after all. I'll have to look into that more, too.

Sometimes it feels impossible to make a good, solid choice, and as if we need to choose the least evil. I could also choose to just drink water, of course! How are you choosing your milk? What evidence have you found to support your best choice of milk?

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The Trail Of Death Behind Almond Milk

This is disturbing, to say the least

Here at Good Drinking, many of the recipes we've shared over the years feature almond milk. I LOVE almond milk. I live a keto lifestyle and use it for a lot of things, especially when I don't want the calories of coconut milk (which I do enjoy more). Unfortunately almond milk is costing too heavy a price on our environment and I'm going to have to say goodbye to it as a result.

I had no idea this was happening. Did you? In short, the process of making almond milk results in the death of billions of bees. In a world with bee decline already a worrisome threat, I just can't stomach it. The bees used in the production of almond milk aren't meant to live in the industry's conditions and as a result, 50 billion bees were killed in a single winter.

This breaks my heart. If you have other almond milk alternatives that you enjoy that you know to be less invasive on the environment, please share them with us! It seems like a pretty complicated issue to solve.

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The Best Homemade Shake

Share your secrets

When my kiddo's friend mentioned that they like to use Halloween candy bars in their shakes, all I could think of was... hot dog! Why didn't we ever think to do that? It's quite delicious, of course, and it got me thinking... what other wild things could we do with shakes at home? You see lots of over-the-top ones in restaurants lately, but what about home?

Chocolate, peanut butter, strawberry... we've all had them all. But what about a Mexican shake with cayenne? Or blending in marshmallows, mint or your own combination of spices and sweets?


I'd love to know your strangest, best shake recipes!

Starbucks Hacks

Share yours in the chat!

Starbucks hacks are so fun to me that I'm in a few different Facebook groups where I learn how to order like a pro! I don't even get Starbucks every week, but when I am headed there for a treat (usually when I can score a TON of points on my gold card, because that's the way to order!) I often check to see if there are any new tips and tricks. 

For example, I know that I can sub in half heavy cream, half sugar if I want to keto-fy a drink without adding in almond or coconut milk since both versions have sugar at Starbucks. I also know to ask for no classic syrup since it's also sweetened and automatically added to a lot of drinks.

Today I read a tip that made me think. A former barista says that customers should stick to Venti sizes if they order iced coffee if they want the most espresso. It gets an extra shot more than a hot coffee in the same size. Good to know!

What are your favorite Starbucks hacks? Share them in the chat!

Low-Carb Mocha And Chai

Share your drink hacks!

As silly as it sounds, I'm in a Starbucks hack group on Facebook and people are always asking for more hacks for low-carb or low-sugar drinks. At first it irks me because we've all shared lots of hacks that can be easily searched for instead of re-posted, but I have to admit that there are always new ideas out there about how to order drinks that work for your dietary needs.

It's really easy to order a mocha or chai with much less sugar. These hacks explain how but you can always tweak the instructions to your own needs if you just want a little less or a lot less sugar. Some drinks, alas, we cannot hack, even though I make a mean gingerbread keto latte. But you really can get a frappe low-carb--you just can't call it a frappe and it's much more complicated to order

How do you hack your drinks, low-carb or otherwise? Share your recipes in the chat.

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