Candy Apple Drinks

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Skinny Girl Syrups has a new Candy Apple syrup that at first sniff smells like cough syrup, but once you add it to your tea it's actually quite tasty! I'm really enjoying it but I'm sure there is much more I can do with it than add it to my tea.

An apple martini comes to mind, but I'm betting I could make a pretty decent apple milkshake with it. I'm thinking of mixing in some skinny Cinnamon Dulce with it to make an apple cinnamon concoction! I bet there are other combinations that would work really well, too. Maybe Maple Bourbon Pecan?

What would you make with candy apple syrup? Share your recipes in the chat!

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Witchy Holiday Drinks

What are you brewing?

If you've ever experienced the calming effects of a cuppa or the seductive nature of a cocktail, you know that enjoying a drink can be a magical experience. The book WitchCraft Cocktails features 70 different recipes meant to give you a witchy experience as well as enjoyment.

You can use these for spells. You can use them for fun. You can use these recipes however you like, which is the beauty of this ebook!

Do you make witchy cocktails? Share them with us in the chat!

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Spooky Halloween Challenge

Create Your Own Cocktail!

Over at Spooky Little Halloween there is a fun Halloween contest going on to design a fun, spooky drink for the season. You can enter by designing your drink and submitting it on their Facebook page by Friday. 

The only requirment is that the drink has to be purple! Otherwise it can have alcohol or not, and it can be as creative as you like. The company is hosting a similar challenge every week until Halloween so be sure to follow them.

What kinds of spooky little drinks have you come up with? Share them in the chat! 

Stephen King Themed Drinks

What are you making for Halloween?

How fun is it that Stephen King themed cocktails exist, because of course they do? Lots of fans have created drinks based on everything from It to the Tommyknockers, and while you can of course always create your own, it's also fun to see what others have created!

I love the drinks here, which include a nice variety that also look really yummy. I think this collection has not only the most variety but a lot of creativity, too!

What is your favorite Stephen King themed drink? Share it in the chat! 

Shelf Stable Drinks

Are you prepping?

Many doctors and scientists are anticipating a difficult fall and winter this year with Covid upon us, so many people have been stocking up in preparation. I've been wondering about shelf stable foods for that purpose.

I bought some shelf-stable milk and while I want to try it, it will defeat the whole purpose of being shelf-stable if I open it up! My family goes through milk and while I'm fine with coconut, almond or other alternatives that are shelf-stale, they aren't, so I thought this would be great to try.

What other shelf stable foods and beverages do you use? Share them in the chat.

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Peachy Goodness

What drinks are you enjoying this month?

Tis the season of the peach! Every year we try to go peach picking on August 1, and while we weren't able to this year, my aunt dropped some off on our porch for us to enjoy and I've been in peach heaven!

Peach cocktails are so delicious, especially when you pair them with brown sugar or get a nice char on them. I love them with vanilla ice cream, too, which you can easily whip up into a shake, boozy or otherwise!

What peach drinks do you love this time of year? Share them in the chat.

Running Out of Coffee

What will you do?

The state of our planet means that it's very likely that we'll run out of several hot resources within our lifetime, including coffee. Doesn't that just break your heart? I have friends sharing videos like this one, talking about growing their own beans, and I'm left wondering if I should start growing them, too.

I think when it comes down to it, we'll all probably use flavored syrups or instant versions with fake coffee, which sound about as bad as going without, don't they? But it doesn't feel like we're going to tackle these issues anytime soon with the way our governments are leaning.

So what would you do if we ran out of coffee? Share your thoughts in the chat. 

Booze for a Cause

Share your fundraisers here!

The only thing better than your favorite drink is your favorite drink with proceeds going to benefit something you care about! Lately, I really think that just getting drink kits to go and tipping well is a great cause given the hardships that so many people are facing. 

That said, there are actual beers, wines and other brews that you can buy with at least some proceeds going to causes you care about. What better way to enjoy a drink than to do so knowing your dollars went to good causes?

Share your cause drinks in the chat!

Pumpkin Beverages at Home

How do you get your fix?

I don't know about y'all, but I'm about DONE with 2020, DONE with summer, and DONE with our government lagging on covid response. It's all getting so old and I know many of us are fed up. While we protest and wait for an election (because what else can we do at this point?), I've been turning to Halloween for my hope. Even if we can't go anywhere, Halloween at home is my heart.

Because of this, I'm going to end up drinking all of my pumpkin tea well before fall! Luckily plenty of sellers have blends I can try, and by the time that season rolls around there will be syrups to use... hopefully. The post office situation worries me a bit, as does flu season approaching.

What pumpkiny drinks do you like? Share your favorites in the chat!

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LaCroix Limoncello is My Drink of 2020

What's yours?

As a Millennial, I'm used to getting a little heat about how much I love sparkling water and avocados. I try every kind of sparkling water I can get my hands on, and my absolute favorite also happens to be a new flavor this year: LaCroix Limoncello.

Holy cow, is this good! It's so good that I was down to my last can and saved it in the fridge until payday. It's a blend of lemon with a hint of vanilla, and it tastes like lemon cake (without the sweetness, which I don't miss at all)! It's SO good and I hope it becomes a permanent flavor. If not, it's definitely still my drink of 2020.

What's your drink of the year so far? Share it in the chat!

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