How to Make a White Russian

How to Make a White Russian

Ordering a mixed drink in a bar nowadays can be a risky endeavor. If you stick with your common rail drinks – rum and coke, vodka cranberry – there shouldn’t be too much of a problem. You can watch it get mixed in front of you, and you’ll know if they give you too little booze.

But the more complicated drinks can sometimes be a watered down waste of money and time. Too often drinks like White Russians are mixed up in a big tub earlier in the evening to save the bartenders time. And, as you will see, a good White Russian is all about proportion – a very strong, alcohol heavy proportion that will cost more money than the bar would like to invest.

The White Russian has many desirable qualities: it is sweet, fashionable and strong as hell. So if you want to drink some White Russians – good in cold weather, good in warm weather, good at night, good in the morning – you are better off making them yourself. Luckily it is really easy.

Fill a glass with ice and pour in half vodka. Then add a quarter Kahlua and a quarter of ½ and ½ cream or milk. Add a splash of coke to make it even better. Most White Russian drink recipes don’t include the coke, but it really adds a lot and it takes a little edge off the sweetness of the Kahlua.

If you like something a little stronger, you can make a Black Russian, which is the same thing except with no milk. Put in more than half vodka and then Kahlua to taste. You can add coke, or get creative with some Baileys. Enjoy!