Edible Six-Pack Rings

Innovation, creativity, problem-solving... these are the qualities that make a great entrepreneur today and I love what this local beer company is doing with all three! Saltwater Brewing is making six-pack rings that are not only biodegradable but edible, preventing loss of life when wildlife try to eat or get stuck in the rings. The company's model should not just be embraced but be made into a mandatory law for every seller of six packs!

A Drink A Day Raises Your Risk Of Stroke

Okay everyone, this new study says that just a drink a day increases your risk for having a stroke after following 500,000 people for 10 years and analyzing their health and drinking habits. That said, how many studies do we have that suggest a glass of wine a day is good for you for other reasons? Before you ask, yes, a small glass of wine was included under the umbrella term "drink," so some of those stroke-havers may have been drinking daily wine. 

Cocktail Safety

Mixing your own drinks is a fun hobby, but sometimes you may be including outdated ingredients that actually aren't quite safe for human ingestion. It's a disturbing thought that many old cocktail books list ingredients that are banned today due to their lack of safety, but this new website can help mixologists learn how to mix drinks safely. 

Rose Quartz Latte

Before reading this post at Elana's Pantry, I had no idea that such a thing as a rose quartz latte existed, but here is the recipe! It looks like a beautiful drink made from coconut milk, beet powder, rose water, vanilla stevia, vanilla powder and cacao butter. It's slighly more complicated than other keto drinks I've made (many just call for heating, blending and serving, which is one of the joys of keto cooking!) but it looks so pretty and yummy that I really want to make it.

Sexy Valentine's Drinks

A tasty drink can really make a date something special, whether it's a romantic night out, some self-care in or a Galentine's or Brotines Day event! You can celebrate with a number of sexy valentine cocktails, and the sky is the limit when it comes to recipes online. Try something like a Sex in the Driveway, made with peach vodka, blueberry lemonade water enhancer, cherry and diet Sprite.

Can Light Drinking Shorten Your Life?

Remember those studies that suggest a glass of wine is great for your health? A new study is suggesting that even light drinking can shorten your life. This includes daily light drinking at levels that are considered safe by United States standards. Those who drink 1-2 drinks four times a week have a 20% risk of dying prematurely higher than that of people who drink three days a week or less. 

Festive Non-Caffeinated Drinks

Going caffeine-free is such a bummer, especially when everything seems to have caffeine in it these days. If you're trying to avoid caffeine, carbs AND sugar this holiday season, good luck! Water with low glycemic fruit chunks is probably your best bet, especially if you're also avoiding artificial sweeteners. For people like me who are suffering from insomnia and are trying to steer clear of the caffeine, it can be a challenge. I went through Starbucks the other day and thought a keto pink drink might do the trick but the tea in it still contained caffeine!


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