Sexy Valentine's Drinks

A tasty drink can really make a date something special, whether it's a romantic night out, some self-care in or a Galentine's or Brotines Day event! You can celebrate with a number of sexy valentine cocktails, and the sky is the limit when it comes to recipes online. Try something like a Sex in the Driveway, made with peach vodka, blueberry lemonade water enhancer, cherry and diet Sprite.

Can Light Drinking Shorten Your Life?

Remember those studies that suggest a glass of wine is great for your health? A new study is suggesting that even light drinking can shorten your life. This includes daily light drinking at levels that are considered safe by United States standards. Those who drink 1-2 drinks four times a week have a 20% risk of dying prematurely higher than that of people who drink three days a week or less. 

Festive Non-Caffeinated Drinks

Going caffeine-free is such a bummer, especially when everything seems to have caffeine in it these days. If you're trying to avoid caffeine, carbs AND sugar this holiday season, good luck! Water with low glycemic fruit chunks is probably your best bet, especially if you're also avoiding artificial sweeteners. For people like me who are suffering from insomnia and are trying to steer clear of the caffeine, it can be a challenge. I went through Starbucks the other day and thought a keto pink drink might do the trick but the tea in it still contained caffeine!

Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Halloween

As a person with new dietary needs courtesy of chronic illness, I have a much better appreciation of what it means to be excluded from food and drink socials because of what I can't put into my mouth. For people who don't drink, for whatever reason, Halloween can mean feelings of exclusion as well. Sure, it's nice to have some soda to offer everyone, but wouldn't it be amazing to also have a couple of non-alcoholic cocktails to enjoy? 

Applebees Has $1 Drinks on Halloween

We often talk about great drinking recipes here at Good Drinking, but sometimes you just don't feel like being a mixologist and want something prepared for you by a professional bartender. The Dollar Zombie, an "infectious rum cocktail," is shuffling its way toward Applebee's this Halloween. The cocktail, which only costs $1 (which could vary depending on your area liquor laws) is blue and topped with a gummy brain for full fun effect.

Mint Juleps in Kentucky

Some states aren't known for their cocktails, but knowing that I was going to Kentucky for the first time, I asked for a mint julep at the hotel. Sadly, the bartender told me that not only did she not have any mint, but that despite being asked often she also didn't know "how to julep"! Dang. I love the idea of, say, drinking Champagne in Champagne, and this sounded fun to me. She said they don't even serve it during the derby! It's a dry state but you can still buy drinks and it was a bit of a bummer not having something that was Kentucky-ish during our stay.

Addams Family Drinks

It's the month of Addams Family bliss and what better way to celebrate than to plan some cocktails and mocktails most befitting the occasion? These recipes will have you lurching for your next glass before Thing can whisk your drink away! From Pugsley's Punch to Gomez-inspired Duel Cocktail, there are lots of delectable things to craft up--and most have easy substitutions if you want them alcohol-free.

GMOs in Craft Beer

GMO plants have been revolutionizing food in a number of ways--some good, some bad, depending on your point of view. Now GMO yeast is able to recreate the flavors of hops to work in craft beer, but beer has always shied away from the use of anything GMO. Craft beer, in fact, typically advertises itself as the all-natural, "healthiest" type of beer, if there is such a thing.

Easter Cocktails

Easter brunch is coming up fast. Do you know what you will be serving? My family's not religious so we usually do something fun on Easter like go to Six Flags or brunch. This year we are doing a science class! I have read that some places, like the Melting Pot, are serving free mimosas with Easter brunch this year, too.


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