Tiny Guinness Jello Shots

Tiny Guinness Jello Shots

Micro-pints look delicious

Maybe you're the type of person who only enjoys the idea of a beer. You can appreciate the aesthetics of its creamy head, its rich, dark body, the thick, frosty glass that encases it. You watch your fellow imbibers drink it down like a chocolate milkshake, in full, hearty swigs without so much blinking an eye. It looks like it should go down smooth and make your tastebuds quiver with joy. But every time you give it a go, its bitter taste betrays your expectations. If only there were a way to replicate what you thought beer should taste like. 

Well, now there is. I'm not one of those people I just described--I love a good brew--but for those among you who find yourselves put off time and time again by all things beery, here's your remedy. It's beer candy, basically. Or rather, beer--Guinness, to be precise--sweetened, solidified, and served up in tiny little steins. Yep, we're talking beer jello shots. They're newly invented and probably perfect for all your St. Patty's day festivities. They even have a little foam head made of Bailey's irish cream. Because who wouldn't love a tasty, bite-sized pint?

These little Guinness gulps are surprisingly easy to make provided you have access to unflavored, uncut gelatin at your local grocery store (it should be right next to the strawberry stuff). You'll also need the Guinness itself, a little sugar (optional, to taste),  cocoa powder (also optional), and Bailey's. You'll want to conjure up these microbrews (sorry) in shot glasses--ideally, ones that look just like frosted mugs (they can be purchased here). 

For the recipe and directions, please visit 1FineCookie.com.