Bring Drinking Can Chang DNA

A new study suggests that binge drinking can actually alter your DNA, making addiction harder to kick. The findings show that binge drinking makes you not only crave alcohol more but also causes your body to not regulate stress and biological functions as well. It's a really scary side effect for people who binge drink a lot in addition to the many terrible effects we already know binge drinking causes, so why do it in the first place?

Heartbeat Can Be Disrupted by Binge Drinking

Getting your drink on can be a fun and relaxing way to spend your time, but binge drinking comes with its dangers. Drinking smart is always important, and not just because you can make some stupid decisions when you binge drink without planning it. Drinking a large amount of alcohol at one time can create an irregular heartbeat, or cardiac arrhythmia, no matter your weight or level of health.

FDA Gives Warning to Alcohol-Energy Drink Makers

Henry’s Organic Internal Cleanser

           No, this is not a facial cleanser. This Henry’s organic internal cleanser is designed for the human body to help cleanse, eliminate toxic substances, strengthening the immune system, and balancing our endocrine functions in the body. I have first found out about this drinking cleanser from an old friend of mine who had been taking this food supplement drink for years. My friend claimed that this cleanser works amazingly well. Since I am very open and curious about certain new things, I was open to the idea of trying this cleanser out. I went to the Greenline Organic Health, Inc. store to purchase some kangen water.

What do you do when life dishes you a crap sandwich?

If I believed in biblical things, I would say that this is the time of Job in my life, but on a much-smaller scale. Maybe I am operating under the principle of Murphy’s Law, which states that, “Everything that can go wrong will go wrong.” I’ve decided to take a cautiously optimistic approach to life and my spell of minor troubles and believe that if the universe is indeed dishing me a few too many sides of bad luck, I’m going to take it as a semi-positive sign and believe that at least I am somewhat important- being totally ignored by the Fates would be worse, wouldn’t it?

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