Smoothie Making

When I make smoothies, I almost never use a recipe. I toss ingredients in, taste, toss in more. I usually get stuck on something I like and just stick with that for a while--often it's a green like spinach with something creamy, like yogurt or coconut milk, and something sweet, like OJ or some fruit and honey. Bam, there's a smoothie, right?

Tea Drops And Southern Breeze Teas

In 2018, during my quest to find all things low-carb and delicious, I came across several really great sources of tea. One of them, Southern Breeze, sells pre-sweetened cold brew tea. I don't like to have sweetener every day, but when I'm craving something I have to say that it's incredibly convenient to be able to brew tea in my water bottle on the go. The raspberry and peach flavors are my favorites but they're supposed to be working on new ones in 2019. 

Homemade Nog

Even if you're not a fan of the holiday drink, there's something about the yummy scent of eggnog that gets you into the spirit of the season. Sure, you can get any number of commercial nogs, many of which are flavored with everything from peppermint to sugar cookie, but everyone knows that it's like chocolate chip cookies: homemade is always better.

Cozy Coffee Drinks

Love yourself some spiked coffee? Now is the perfect time to start planning some delicious spiked coffee drinks for fall. Not sure what to try? Go by your favorite flavors:

For peppermint lovers:

Bavarian Coffee is what you need! Mint schnapps and coffee liqueur combined with real hot coffee and a bit of sugar yields one tasty, comforting drink. Top it with whipped cream and peppermint chunks or bark for a fancy treat.

Boozy Ice Cream

Now that summer is in full swing, it's time to mix two fun things together: your favorite drinks and your favorite ice cream! Boozy ice cream is one of the most fun items used to celebrate the summer months. Not only is it cool and refreshing, but it combines dessert and drinks to create something delightfully naughty. There are entire restaurants devoted to boozy ice cream beverages and if you have one near you, be sure to seek it out this summer!

Fruity Summer Drinks

When it comes to summer, there's a lot to love. From longer days to time off with friends and family, it's the favorite time of year for many people. One of the best things about the hot season is the number of fruity drinks that are available! With so much fruit in season, it's a great time of year to enjoy fruity beverages.

Raspberry Drinks

Raspberries are one of nature's perfect foods. Not only are they low in sugar and tasty as can be, but they are also full of nutrients and incredibly versatile. Raspberry flavored drinks are some of the most incredible beverages. Whether you include raspberry syrup in your tea or freshly-muddled berries in your cocktail, you're bound to experience a treat! One of the most delicious raspberry cocktails of the season is the raspberry sorbet bellini.

Makin’ Butterbeer!

I have Harry Potter fever, and I bet a lot of you do, too. In honor of the final Harry Potter film (and the subsequent depression many of us will briefly sink into, as we did following the book), I’ve decided to whip up some HP treats. This weekend, if I can acquire the supplies need to do it, I’m makin’ butterbeer!

Throughout the series, I know I’ve drooled over the sweet, warm descriptions of butterbeer, a treat that our trio has enjoyed in Hogsmeade quite often, and I know plenty of other fans have, too. In fact, my sister and I often lament that we can’t have any butterbeer (among other things, such as flying broomsticks or pygmy puffs—and especially that we can’t Apparate!), but it turns out that Universal Studios has given up their butterbeer recipe and we can all make it! You can find it here.

I’m not one for cream soda, so I don’t know if I’m really going to like it or not…  I wonder if root beer or something could work as a substitute? If you try out the recipe, be sure to let me know; there is also an alcoholic version at the website you can use.

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