Mulled Wine

At the Trader Joe's sample area (don't you love that area?), I sampled some spiced mulled cider the other day and it was fantastic! It was spicy and sweet at the same time, and they'd heated it, which made it so warming on a cold day. I definitely want to serve some at Christmastime, and I might have a little booze nearby for the holiday, too. 

Addams Family Drinks

It's the month of Addams Family bliss and what better way to celebrate than to plan some cocktails and mocktails most befitting the occasion? These recipes will have you lurching for your next glass before Thing can whisk your drink away! From Pugsley's Punch to Gomez-inspired Duel Cocktail, there are lots of delectable things to craft up--and most have easy substitutions if you want them alcohol-free.

Easter Cocktails

Easter brunch is coming up fast. Do you know what you will be serving? My family's not religious so we usually do something fun on Easter like go to Six Flags or brunch. This year we are doing a science class! I have read that some places, like the Melting Pot, are serving free mimosas with Easter brunch this year, too.

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