The Milkman Returneth

I can say "Those Millennials!" because I am one, but I do think every time something is blamed on us, it's often inaccurate (we're not teenagers; you're thinking of Gen Z), or it's actually positive. I think it's great that we support mom and pop businesses and we have libraries making a comeback. I also think it's fantastic that we're putting the milkman back in business, according to this article.

Nondrinkers In England

There's a huge assumption made regarding youth and alcohol: mainly that most teens drink, at least at some point in their secondary education or college careers, and that it's just a fact of life. But personal experience has led me to believe otherwise, and now data seems to be catching up: in England, for example, stats show that nearly 30% of young people don't drink at all.

What Type of Drinker Are You?

After ordering a very rare drink for me at a restaurant, a waiter remarked, "I know which side of the table is the fun side!" He was being cute (and he was cute), but in all honesty, I'm a sleepy drinker. I rarely drink because when I do, it just adds to my usual state of exhaustion and leaves me groggily blinking, ready for a nap (or longer). I also grew up around drinkers and I've seen every kind, from the hysterical laugher to the crying drunk, the repetitive, clingy drinker to my least favorite of all, the one that's hurt my family and me the most--the mean drunk. 

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