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1 in 5 Kids Doesn't Drink Water

As a young mother, I tried to make sure everything my child ate meant something, nutrition-wise. I was 22, and my baby was an underweight preemie, so you can imagine the flaxseed, full fat milk and other heavy-calorie foods I fed my toddler. (I wish I'd thought of avocados back then!) I didn't ever let them have junk food. In fact, their dad gave them junk food during a day out at the age of three, when shopping for a car. It was taking a long time, he hadn't packed a snack while I was home working, so he bought them Cheetos from a machine. Boy were they impressed!

Fermentation in the Kitchen

Fermentation is an incredible process to me. I have friends who make everything from their own kombucha to their own kefir in the kitchen, and while I've tried my own hand at some of these methods I still have to tip my hat to the dedication and effort required to create these incredible good-for-you brews that not only save money but keep you and your family in good health. 

Smoothie Making

When I make smoothies, I almost never use a recipe. I toss ingredients in, taste, toss in more. I usually get stuck on something I like and just stick with that for a while--often it's a green like spinach with something creamy, like yogurt or coconut milk, and something sweet, like OJ or some fruit and honey. Bam, there's a smoothie, right?

London Fog

It's such a simple drink, so why have I never even tried a London Fog before this month? It's the perfect month to enjoy one, isn't it? Storms, coldness slowy seeping away as winter fades into sping... I've had a London Fog latte at home every day this past week and I can't see myself stopping.

Leprechaun Shots

If you're Irish American, I'd first like to suggest you look up a few more meaningful holidays to celebrate instead of, or at least in addition to, St. Patrick's Day. We pretty much just use every holiday as an excuse to get drunk here in the States, but if that's your thing, why not enjoy some fun themed drinks while you're at it? You can't deny that these adorable leprechaun shots are tempting to try.

Cocktail Safety

Mixing your own drinks is a fun hobby, but sometimes you may be including outdated ingredients that actually aren't quite safe for human ingestion. It's a disturbing thought that many old cocktail books list ingredients that are banned today due to their lack of safety, but this new website can help mixologists learn how to mix drinks safely. 


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