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Sexy Valentine's Drinks

A tasty drink can really make a date something special, whether it's a romantic night out, some self-care in or a Galentine's or Brotines Day event! You can celebrate with a number of sexy valentine cocktails, and the sky is the limit when it comes to recipes online. Try something like a Sex in the Driveway, made with peach vodka, blueberry lemonade water enhancer, cherry and diet Sprite.

Tea Drops And Southern Breeze Teas

In 2018, during my quest to find all things low-carb and delicious, I came across several really great sources of tea. One of them, Southern Breeze, sells pre-sweetened cold brew tea. I don't like to have sweetener every day, but when I'm craving something I have to say that it's incredibly convenient to be able to brew tea in my water bottle on the go. The raspberry and peach flavors are my favorites but they're supposed to be working on new ones in 2019. 

Homemade Nog

Even if you're not a fan of the holiday drink, there's something about the yummy scent of eggnog that gets you into the spirit of the season. Sure, you can get any number of commercial nogs, many of which are flavored with everything from peppermint to sugar cookie, but everyone knows that it's like chocolate chip cookies: homemade is always better.

Warm Drink Recipes

It's not yet the first of December, so I'm trying to keep "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" out of my head. That said, all things holiday are on my peripheral radar, including warming drinks, and I am starting to feel the excitement! We actually have heat this year after it being broken for a few years, so I'm not hankering for a hot toddy to keep my fingers warm this time around (woohoo!), but I still love a warm drink to help get me cozy and I'm sure many of you do, too.

Festive Non-Caffeinated Drinks

Going caffeine-free is such a bummer, especially when everything seems to have caffeine in it these days. If you're trying to avoid caffeine, carbs AND sugar this holiday season, good luck! Water with low glycemic fruit chunks is probably your best bet, especially if you're also avoiding artificial sweeteners. For people like me who are suffering from insomnia and are trying to steer clear of the caffeine, it can be a challenge. I went through Starbucks the other day and thought a keto pink drink might do the trick but the tea in it still contained caffeine!

Tea Quiz

Are you a big tea drinker? If so, could you say that you're an expert on all things tea? Do you know which plant tea is derived from, or who the largest producer of tea in the world is? If you think you might know the answers to these questions and others about your beloved drink, click here for a fun tea quiz. 

Applebees Has $1 Drinks on Halloween

We often talk about great drinking recipes here at Good Drinking, but sometimes you just don't feel like being a mixologist and want something prepared for you by a professional bartender. The Dollar Zombie, an "infectious rum cocktail," is shuffling its way toward Applebee's this Halloween. The cocktail, which only costs $1 (which could vary depending on your area liquor laws) is blue and topped with a gummy brain for full fun effect.

Addams Family Drinks

It's the month of Addams Family bliss and what better way to celebrate than to plan some cocktails and mocktails most befitting the occasion? These recipes will have you lurching for your next glass before Thing can whisk your drink away! From Pugsley's Punch to Gomez-inspired Duel Cocktail, there are lots of delectable things to craft up--and most have easy substitutions if you want them alcohol-free.


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