Soft Drinks

1 in 5 Kids Doesn't Drink Water

As a young mother, I tried to make sure everything my child ate meant something, nutrition-wise. I was 22, and my baby was an underweight preemie, so you can imagine the flaxseed, full fat milk and other heavy-calorie foods I fed my toddler. (I wish I'd thought of avocados back then!) I didn't ever let them have junk food. In fact, their dad gave them junk food during a day out at the age of three, when shopping for a car. It was taking a long time, he hadn't packed a snack while I was home working, so he bought them Cheetos from a machine. Boy were they impressed!

Tea Drops And Southern Breeze Teas

In 2018, during my quest to find all things low-carb and delicious, I came across several really great sources of tea. One of them, Southern Breeze, sells pre-sweetened cold brew tea. I don't like to have sweetener every day, but when I'm craving something I have to say that it's incredibly convenient to be able to brew tea in my water bottle on the go. The raspberry and peach flavors are my favorites but they're supposed to be working on new ones in 2019. 

Mint Juleps in Kentucky

Some states aren't known for their cocktails, but knowing that I was going to Kentucky for the first time, I asked for a mint julep at the hotel. Sadly, the bartender told me that not only did she not have any mint, but that despite being asked often she also didn't know "how to julep"! Dang. I love the idea of, say, drinking Champagne in Champagne, and this sounded fun to me. She said they don't even serve it during the derby! It's a dry state but you can still buy drinks and it was a bit of a bummer not having something that was Kentucky-ish during our stay.

Best Quality Drink Syrups

When I first started making my own drinks at home, I made the mistake of purchasing the cheapest flavor syrup I could find. It couldn't be that bad, right? I didn't think there would be a huge difference but holy cow, was it disgusting. I learned drink syrups are some of the ingredients that you do want to spend a bit more on to make sure you get the flavors you are really after.

The French 75

If you're a mimosa drinker, you may love the French 75 cocktail. It's quite similar but it's also got a tasty twist! A mixture of gin, sugar, lemon juice and champagne, it's on the stronger side, making it the perfect choice if you're looking to really unwind at brunch! The drink also has an elegant history of being created in Paris during World War I. The kick in the beverage was said to be akin to being hit by a French 75mm field gun, hence the name.

Fire It Up: Your Favorite Hot Drinks

When it comes to mixed drinks, no one can deny the refreshing feeling of a chilled martini or highball, but it’s the hot cocktail that warms you up on a chilly evening. Some hot drinks, like hot toddies, are even capable of helping you heal from a sore throat! A hot chocolate spiked with your favorite liquor adds a whole new dimension to your beverage, while a hot coffee served with spirits is just the thing for a hygge evening at home or out in a cozy corner with someone special.


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