Starbucks Hacks

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Starbucks hacks are so fun to me that I'm in a few different Facebook groups where I learn how to order like a pro! I don't even get Starbucks every week, but when I am headed there for a treat (usually when I can score a TON of points on my gold card, because that's the way to order!) I often check to see if there are any new tips and tricks. 

For example, I know that I can sub in half heavy cream, half sugar if I want to keto-fy a drink without adding in almond or coconut milk since both versions have sugar at Starbucks. I also know to ask for no classic syrup since it's also sweetened and automatically added to a lot of drinks.

Today I read a tip that made me think. A former barista says that customers should stick to Venti sizes if they order iced coffee if they want the most espresso. It gets an extra shot more than a hot coffee in the same size. Good to know!

What are your favorite Starbucks hacks? Share them in the chat!

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