Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Halloween

Serve these for your non-drinkers

As a person with new dietary needs courtesy of chronic illness, I have a much better appreciation of what it means to be excluded from food and drink socials because of what I can't put into my mouth. For people who don't drink, for whatever reason, Halloween can mean feelings of exclusion as well. Sure, it's nice to have some soda to offer everyone, but wouldn't it be amazing to also have a couple of non-alcoholic cocktails to enjoy? 

You can set up ingredients for everyone to make their own Shirley Temples, but this link also features some great non-alcoholic drinks, like Charcoal Witch's Blood and Bloody Marys, that can be enjoyed without alcohol and carry the Halloween theme as well. These are great options if you're having a party for little ones, too!

Do you have any great Halloween non-alcoholic cocktail drink ideas? Share them in the chat! 

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