Booze Subscription Boxes

Which one do you like best?

There is a subscription box for everything, whether you're into stickers, sewing, makeup or, yes, booze. There are over a dozen alcohol subscription boxes available in the United States that will send you a special curated box of booze or booze-related goodies to help you keep your cabinet well-stocked, but which ones are the best of these?

Some are more affordable than others. Flaviar, for example, is only $20, but it's only a box of samples. Still, it's a fun way to try new booze each month to decide whether or not you want to buy full bottles. Taster's Club is pricier at $59 a month, but they offer a restock option to help you keep your bar full. Different boxes have different themes, and many offer custom fields where you can select which types of alcohol you prefer to receive. 

Do you subscribe to any alcohol boxes? If so, which ones? Tell us about how they work in the chat.

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