Best Summer Cocktails

Share your yummiest concoctions!

Summer is in full swing, with heat advisories and sweltering weather, which is often accompanied by storms in my neck of the woods. This translates to stifling humidity that can only be treated with... vibrant summer cocktails! Okay, air conditioning is also helpful, but a good drink can really make your day.

I've got watermelon on the brain, so I was thinking about making Bobby Flay's famous watermelon tequila drinks sometime soon. It sounds like a scrumptious treat in this weather, especially with the advisory our area has for the rest of the week and our A/C is on the fritz! One window unit for the house while the main system is kaput isn't working out so well, but hopefully we'll be able to remedy it soon. In the meantime, I might have what's needed on hand for the cucumber lemonade drinks listed in the link...

What summery drinks are you enjoying at the moment? Share your most refreshing recipes in the chat.

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