Wine Myths

Did you know any of these?

The older I get, the clearer it is that I don't know anything. Not everything--anything! Everything continues to change and many of the truths we cling to, as Obi Wan said, depend on our own point of view--or, for many of us, what we were taught in school, which has often since changed. Are there 8 planets, 13, or 9, for example?!

So when I heard about these wine myths, I had to groan. More nonsense that I believed to be truth! From temperature to headaches, serving suggestions to glassware, did you know that any of these were wine myths? Read through and tally which of the 5 you knew already and which ones you'd never even heard of or believed. The white wine with fish rule is one I knew well! Or thought I knew...

What other alcohol truths and misconceptions have you run across recently that blew your mind? Share your findings in the chat!

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