Smoothie Making

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When I make smoothies, I almost never use a recipe. I toss ingredients in, taste, toss in more. I usually get stuck on something I like and just stick with that for a while--often it's a green like spinach with something creamy, like yogurt or coconut milk, and something sweet, like OJ or some fruit and honey. Bam, there's a smoothie, right?

There are benefits to be had when it comes to following recipes, though. For starters, it's easier and less time consuming, but you can also design recipes for specific nutritional needs. Take this Dairy Free Berry Smoothie recipe; it has cashew butter and almond milk as well as blueberries and bananas, making it a pretty balanced meal. It also calls for vanilla extract, which is a great way to add flavor without adding a bunch of sugar. There are so many extracts to choose from if you want to play with flavors, too.

What types of smoothies do you like to make? Share your recipes in the chat.

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