Pumpkin Spice Drinks

They're heeee-eeeere...

It's pumpkin spice season! Are you here for it? If not, no worries, but no shaming, either. While you might already love a good PSL (pumpkin spice latte) and other yummy flavors, did you know that there are plenty of PS cocktails you can make, too? From the pumpkin spice martini to the bourbon pumpkin smash, the general pumpkin spice cocktail to apple pumpkin beer cocktails, there's really something for everyone (who likes pumpkin!) to try.

Sure, it can be as easy as pouring your favorite booze into a PSL, or even getting one of the many addictive zero-sugar pumpkin syrups available to stir in your cocktail, but adding that real pumpkin puree sure makes a difference to me. I'll go for the zero-sugar on most days, but every few weeks I have to have that real pumpkin flavor!

What kinds of pumpkin goodness are you serving up this fall? Share your recipes in the chat.

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