Pee Is Not For Drinking

And it's certainly not a health beverage

Our bodies have excretory systems for a reason: they get rid of wastes we're not supposed to have in our bodies. That's why we get rid of urine. We certainly aren't meant to drink it; we are not rabbits who consume their own excrement, after all. People in Colorado who attend the Urine Therapy Meetup think that consuming urine and rubbing it on one's skin has health benefits, which is ludicrous. 

Urine is full of bacteria, so drinking it is far from good for you. There's no scientific data to support any benefits to drinking urine at all, and it can be full of potassium and nitrogen that the body is trying to get rid of, not keep inside. If washing hands in urine has helped people with eczema, great; I can't see anything wrong with that as long as you wash your hands with actual soap afterward. But drinking it?

What other weird things are people drinking in the world? Share any stories you run across in the chat!

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