Peach Lemonade Recipes

Which one is your favorite?

August is ALL about peaches for me. Even though my kid and husband aren't into them, they humor me, go peach picking with me on the first of the month and generally support my love of all things peachy. Now that my aunt has a peach tree in her yard, you can bet it's even sweeter! The two of us love us some good peach drinks, but I think peach lemonade has to be my favorite.

I love any kind of lemonade, from blackberry sage to lavender, but I think it's especially good when you make it with peaches. Of course, frozen peaches are much easier to work with when you're blending up drinks, so you can always freeze them or buy them frozen, too. This recipe is super easy for a quick peach lemonade, and you can easily alter it to make it into a cocktail, too. If you're out of peaches, you can always go with a peach syrup, but I really think using real peaches makes it SO much better. My favorite way is to make lemon shake-ups or a really good, fresh lemonade, then just blend my peaches in.

What is your favorite way to make peach lemonade? Share it in the chat!

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