Organic Roasts From Brandless

Where do you get coffee?

With so many different places to buy coffee today, it's overwhelming choosing which brand to buy. I like trying out new kinds of fair trade coffee that I can also afford, which can sometimes be tricky! So far my favorite kind is Laughing Man, but I know there are so many other varieties out there that I could try something every day and never sample them all. Today I saw that Brandless, a company known for selling all kinds of different foods without name brand associations, is now selling organic, Fair Trade Certified tea and coffee, so I'm thinking of trying that out. They also have a pretty cute hot cocoa bundle that my daughter would love for Christmas.

I don't use pods, but I see there are a few options at Brandless. The prices are quite reasonable, especially for just trying out the flavors, with most items costing $3. It looks like most items at the website cost a similar rate. They even have a cold brew coffee option, which might be the one I try first. I'm notorious for brewing a pot, having one hot cup and then sticking the rest in the fridge for iced coffee later!

Where do you get your Fair Trade, organic coffee? Have you tried the Brandless kind? If so, what did you think?

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