Novelty Teas

Adorable tea bags change your drinking experience!

Do you love cephalopods? Do you love them so much that you'd drink them? These adorable tea bags transform your tea drinking experience into something entirely new by creating an aquarium in your cup! Ocean Teabag has a bunch of cute critter-shaped teabags to make your cup ito something completely different, from raccoons to octopus teas. 

They have pandas, squids, cats--just about anything you could ever want to see swimming around in your cup and more. The teas are normal tea flavors (no, you're not really drinking raccoon here!) so you can get something in one of your favorite blends and just watch it swim in your cup.

Normally I prefer specific flavored teas but I think I'd go for one of these for the experience! How about you? What novelty teas have you enjoyed? Share your links in the chat!

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