New Takes on Rum and Coke

Messing with a Classic

Why mess with a classic, you ask? Because it can be delightful, and you only need to do a simple, quick twist to create a drink that you'll love forever. Rum and coke was my first alcoholic drink, aside from beer, so it holds a special place in my heart. 

The most simple twist, of course, is to use flavored Coke. There are so many flavors today that it's easier than ever to do this, whether you want to get an already-flavored coke (have you tried the lime or lemon ginger? That's my favorite!) or try any number of great flavor syrups. Some of them make it too cloying for me but your miles may vary.

You can also spice up your rum and coke by playing with garnishes. You've probably had the lime wedge, but have you tried an orange twist? The simple change makes a whole new drink.

Be sure to do the 1:2 pour to make the best-tasting drink (the classic way). How do you like your rum and coke? Tell us in the chat!


photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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