Mint Juleps in Kentucky

What "state drinks" have you enjoyed?

Some states aren't known for their cocktails, but knowing that I was going to Kentucky for the first time, I asked for a mint julep at the hotel. Sadly, the bartender told me that not only did she not have any mint, but that despite being asked often she also didn't know "how to julep"! Dang. I love the idea of, say, drinking Champagne in Champagne, and this sounded fun to me. She said they don't even serve it during the derby! It's a dry state but you can still buy drinks and it was a bit of a bummer not having something that was Kentucky-ish during our stay.

Have you ever had a state drink while in that state? I once drank milk in Indiana with my daughter despite the fact that I'm not a big milk fan just because it's the state drink! But did you know that it's also the state drink of a bunch of other states? Tip, if you're ever asked what a state drink is for a trivia night, you've got a good chance of being right with the answer, "Milk!"

What is your favorite state drink? Share your drinking travels below!

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