The Milkman Returneth

Those Millennials...

I can say "Those Millennials!" because I am one, but I do think every time something is blamed on us, it's often inaccurate (we're not teenagers; you're thinking of Gen Z), or it's actually positive. I think it's great that we support mom and pop businesses and we have libraries making a comeback. I also think it's fantastic that we're putting the milkman back in business, according to this article. We don't like wasting plastic, so we're asking for milk deliveries. 

This could be problematic, especially if it means more gas, but I think it's something older generations who long for milkman days could also support. It's got to help with job growth too, right? So not only are we drinking less alcohol, but we're trying to drink less anything-with-plastic. I love it.

What other interesting drinking trends have you read about? Share them in the chat!

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