Marshmallow Goodness

How do you use them in your drinks?

I am in love with a new marshmallow trend that I see popping up everywhere. People are adding little ghost peep marshmallows to their coffee, hot chocolate and other hot drinks and it's just adorable! I've seen people add eyes and mouths to make regular marshmallows into ghosts as well, and it's also pretty cute. It got me wondering if any of our Good Drinking friends put marshmallows in their drinks, especially if it's something other than cocoa?

If you're sugar free, there are also several sugar-free marshmallow flavors you can add to your drink, and while I like those, too, I have to say that nothing beats a real marshmallow, roasted and gooey, in a hot drink! My sister likes to joke that I love them so much that I would wear the scent of marshmallows every day, but you know what? I really would. I love them that much!

So how do you take your marshmallows? Share your ideas in the chat!

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