Low-Carb Mocha And Chai

Share your drink hacks!

As silly as it sounds, I'm in a Starbucks hack group on Facebook and people are always asking for more hacks for low-carb or low-sugar drinks. At first it irks me because we've all shared lots of hacks that can be easily searched for instead of re-posted, but I have to admit that there are always new ideas out there about how to order drinks that work for your dietary needs.

It's really easy to order a mocha or chai with much less sugar. These hacks explain how but you can always tweak the instructions to your own needs if you just want a little less or a lot less sugar. Some drinks, alas, we cannot hack, even though I make a mean gingerbread keto latte. But you really can get a frappe low-carb--you just can't call it a frappe and it's much more complicated to order

How do you hack your drinks, low-carb or otherwise? Share your recipes in the chat.

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