Love Black Coffee?

It could be genetic!

If you're a black coffee drinker, it turns out that your favorite addiction might be genetic, but in a weird way: some researchers think that no one actually enjoys bitter drinks like black coffee and alcohol, but that their brains may be wired to enjoy these drinks due to the effects that they produce and not on their taste. On the other hand, people who enjoy sugary drinks have a gene that just doesn't allow them to feel the same benefits that coffee and alcohol have, or that they feel lesser levels of their effects, so they like sugary drinks instead.

It's interesting to think that it's possible that nobody likes black coffee just for the drink's flavor, but for the effects of coffee on the body. Having had many a black coffee in my life, I do have to say that I'd prefer a coffee with sugar when available, but I'll also drink it black if it's all I've got!

What do you think about the study? Do you actually like the taste of black coffee? 

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