London Fog

I'm a little obsessed

It's such a simple drink, so why have I never even tried a London Fog before this month? It's the perfect month to enjoy one, isn't it? Storms, coldness slowy seeping away as winter fades into sping... I've had a London Fog latte at home every day this past week and I can't see myself stopping.

Mine is a little different, since I don't do regular milk and I don't steam it; if you order one with steamed milk, I hear it's even better! But I just brew 1-2 bags of Tazo Earl Grey (depending on which size mug I'm using), add a bit of heavy cream, sweetener and vanilla, and that's it. It couldn't be simpler yet it's so warming and calming. It might also be due to the lavender; this recipe calls for adding the soothing herb but the Tazo type I use already contains it. The alcoholic drink is quite different, but you can try that, too.

What is your soothing drink of the moment? Share it in the chat.

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