Lattes To Warm Your Bones

Who else is jazzed about latte season?

As much as I love iced tea and coffee all summer, I also love me a good hot drink, and now that it's cool outside I find myself turning toward some of my favorite standbys, like my favorite tea latte, which is a London fog. I make mine super simply, with sweetener and cream, but I do buy Earl Grey with lavender in it, which makes a huge difference. 

I'm on the lookout for a yummy new favorite, and I think I might give this honey chamomile tea latte a try next. The honey and cinnamon together sound incredible! I also want to try a few other lavender teas, but I'd love to hear what kinds of teas and lattes you enjoy.

Tell me about the teas you buy, looseleaf or packaged, and how you prepare them. What's your absolute favorite, and what's your go-to on a cold day? Share your tea treatments in the chat!

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