Kodak-Processing Beer

Because it's a thing

Ever heard of an "analog beer for the digital age"? Neither have we until Dogfish Head announced their SuperEIGHT Beer, which can apparently process Kodak film. There's a whole process to use when developing the film in the actual beer, which is laid out in a convenient infographic here.

I mean, it's kind of cool, but I'd rather drink my beer than use it to develop photos. This red beer has a tart taste with high levels of vitamin C and low pH, with some of its ingredients including prickly pear, blackberry, kiwi, toasted quinoa, boysenberry, raspberry, mango, elderberry and red Hawaiian sea salt. It's one of the most interesting flavor combinations I've seen in a while and I know I'll have to try it out--even if I don't use it to develop film.

Do you know of any other beers known for "extra" purposes aside from having a good time? Share them in the chat!

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