July 4th Drinks

What are you mixing up for the holiday?

Whether you're making drinks for friends, celebrating Independence Day or just looking for a nice, refreshing drink that also happens to be colorful, Women's Day has you covered with a list of 20 scrumptious-looking drinks to whip up this week. The first drink in the slideshow, Lemosa, blends a lemonade with a mimosa, using the tart citrus in place of the sweet orange and I'm here for it. 

They've also got some standby drinks with little twists, like sangria and hurricanes, and they look like they'd be festive for any Independence Day party--or a Labor Day or Memorial Day get-together, if you have one. Don't worry, there are also non-alcoholic drinks included, like a citrus cooler that looks super yum.

What drinks will you be making for this holiday? Share your recipes in the chat! 


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