Homemade Nog

The perfect spiked holiday drink

Even if you're not a fan of the holiday drink, there's something about the yummy scent of eggnog that gets you into the spirit of the season. Sure, you can get any number of commercial nogs, many of which are flavored with everything from peppermint to sugar cookie, but everyone knows that it's like chocolate chip cookies: homemade is always better.

And no, eggnog doesn't have to take days to prep, either. It seems as if it might, given its complex flavors and the nuances you've tasted in your cousin's recipe. But like most dairy recipes, the actual cooking is limited to keep it fresh and frothy. This recipe, for example, has homemade eggnog in your cup within five minutes as long as you've got a blender!

And there are all kinds of varieties of nog you can make. Need a dairy free recipe? Here's one with peppermint! How about a keto or paleo version? Here you go!

What eggnog recipe will you be using this year? Gonna spike it up? If so, with what?

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