Harry Potter Drinks For Grown-Ups

Spike your drinks for Halloween

If you're getting ready for some Harry Potter goodness this Halloween, you might want to take your pumpkin juice, butterbeer and gillyweed water to the next level with a little bit of spiking. It's only fair; after all, Harry Potter himself has long since grown up, as have the fans that grew with him. We're all of age, so why not bring out the giggle water?

Vodka and butterscotch schnapps can dress up your butterbeer, but the link will also give you recipes for beverages like unicorn blood, the Goblet of Fire and polyjuice potion. There are also drinks called the Albus Dumbledore, which naturally features his love of lemon drop candies, and firewhisky, which Sirius Black was known to drink.

What wizard cocktails are you brewing up this Halloween? Share them in the chat!

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