Energy Drinks and Minors

Is it too much for them?

Minors who love Red Bull energy drinks may not like this news. It may become illegal to sell energy drinks to minors soon after a 16-year-old died when he drank too much caffeine. The high amounts of caffeine damaged his heart, causing him to die tragically a year ago. Now lawmakers are suggesting that the drinks be banned to minors as a result.

Will banning energy drinks really help, though? All thoughts aside about how lawmakers won't do squat after 91 people die a day from gun violence, restricting purchases here won't make it illegal for teens to drink the beverages--or soda, coffee and other caffeinated drinks. In fact, I don't really see how it's going to help anything, given that so many soda companies are already present in high schools across the country, peddling their sugary wares that happen to be full of caffeine in exchange for money the schools desperately need.

Do you think we need to ban sales of energy drinks to youth?

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