Edible Six-Pack Rings

This is genius!

Innovation, creativity, problem-solving... these are the qualities that make a great entrepreneur today and I love what this local beer company is doing with all three! Saltwater Brewing is making six-pack rings that are not only biodegradable but edible, preventing loss of life when wildlife try to eat or get stuck in the rings. The company's model should not just be embraced but be made into a mandatory law for every seller of six packs!

I don't understand why we don't have laws like that in effect already. Okay, I do: the bottom line, profits over people (and animals), right? But if we set laws outlawing the destruction we've caused and making it a law to do better, we'll certainly change things, won't we? I read that ADIDAS is selling shoes made out of ocean plastic--this is amazing! And it's also something that other companies should be doing until we get rid of the garbage patches in the ocean, too.

Have you heard of any other alcohol sellers doing good for the community and the world? Share your stories in the chat!

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