Drinking Rates Expected To Rise?

Make up your mind, studies

Aren't drinking studies so much fun? One week, we learn that wine is good for you in moderation; the next, any amount of drinking is terrible and should be avoided. Something similar just happened with this study that revealed that drinking rates will rise around the globe in the next 10 years based on current trends. Is it really any surprise given that facism is also on the rise, with so much anti-immigration, anti-woman and anti-everyone-else sentiment on such a roll even in nations we didn't expect it from? The only issue is if we're too drunk to protest, we're in even more trouble than we thought!

The issue is that there are a bunch of other studies that claim millennials are killing the booze industry, drinking much less and forcing alcohol manufacturers to rethink their whole business, even going as far as making non-alcoholic drinks to reclaim their lost business. If this is true, how is the reverse also true? It's likely that the latter only considers drinkers in the United States, but it seems like we're constantly receiving mixed messages from researchers. That, of course, is how science works, which is why it's so hard to prove things sometimes.

Which theory do you think holds more weight? Do you think drinking is on the rise or decline?

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