Dairy Free Milk

Lactose intolerant people need mudslides, too

If you're either in a pinch for milk or you can't have it and you're craving a nice Irish coffee or another creamy drink that calls for the beverage, take advantage of all of the milk substitutes available to you. These are fantastic for parties when you're not sure if a guest has an intolerance (or if you're sure one does!), too. Many different varieties of nut milks are available, but did you know that you can also make your own?

But Sara! I hear you say. What about nut allergies? You can also make your own coconut milk! It's pretty simple and has a wonderful flavor. You can find recipes to make your own cashew, coconut, almond and brazil nut milk all at the link. You can even try turmeric root milk if you feel so inclined!

What kinds of milk substitutes do you like to use? Share them in the chat.


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