Coffee Shop of Horrors

Another roaster to try!

This year I've been making my way through indie coffee companies and small roasters, sampling different flavors when I find sample sizes available. My next company is going to be Coffee Shop of Horrors, which has a 10% off sale going on at the moment. I love that they have cheaper samples available for almost half the cost other companies sell samples for; 2 ounces is really enough to tell if you like a flavor or not. Many shops do 4 ounces, which is nice if you love it, but I have one flavor from a company that I'm stuck with that I absolutely hate. I don't want to throw it out after paying for it, either, but I can't find anyone to take it off my hands.

Coffee Shop of Horrors has some fun horror-themed coffees that look interesting to me. Some of the flavors are ones I know I won't like (Amaretto), while I can't wait to try others (Caramel Scream). Flavored coffees are one of my favorite indulgences since I can have a "treat" without the sugars added.

Have you tried Coffee Shop of Horrors? What did you think? 

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