Cocktails For St. Patrick's Day

Do you have your lineup?

This St. Patrick's Day, how about going beyond the green beer and popcorn for something a little more special? I know I've got my keto Irish Mule planned for the weekend, but what do you have lined up for St. Patrick's Day?

Town and Country magazine has a great compilation of St. Patrick's Day cocktails to get you started. The Gaelic Grasshopper with Irish whiskey looks like something I would love, and I know the Blind Irish with its cinnamon apple simple syrup would be the perfect warming drink if it's cold this weekend. I don't know where you are, but where I am it's supposed to be chilly, but not freezing, so this would still be a welcome beverage!

The Kale St. Patrick's Day cocktail doesn't look like my personal cup of tea, but maybe it will work for you. Another cocktail, the Saint Casa, looks gorgeous with its edible glitter garnish, but honestly you could just top anything you like with some of that, right?

What will you be whipping up this St. Patrick's Day? Share your recipes in the chat!

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