Bring Drinking Can Chang DNA

And more drinking news this week

A new study suggests that binge drinking can actually alter your DNA, making addiction harder to kick. The findings show that binge drinking makes you not only crave alcohol more but also causes your body to not regulate stress and biological functions as well. It's a really scary side effect for people who binge drink a lot in addition to the many terrible effects we already know binge drinking causes, so why do it in the first place? Stick to moderation to be healthy and happy, and if you need help, get it. It would be nice, of course, if our country provided free healthcare so you could access counseling and rehabilitation if necessary.

In other news, two harmful ingredients that are contaminating our drinking water that need to be condemned are not being regulated by the EPA as they need to be. Normally the EPA sets limitations as to what a safe amount of a chemical in our water might be--often at dubious levels that sound like they could still be harmful--but the Trump administration is refusing to set limitations on PFOAs and PFOS, which can cause everything from hypertension to kidney and testicular cancer. 

Have you read any news about drinking laws and science findings this week?

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