Boozy Candles

Yes, they are a thing

As a candle hoarder, I love unconventional scents that you won't find at the typical store but at, say, geek conventions or in online shops like Etsy. I am a sucker for homemade items to begin with, but when I see a candle named "Hello, Sweetie" as an homage to River Song of Doctor Who fame, you can bet that I'm interested. That happens to be what I'm burning right now.

So when I discovered that you can get a lot of your favorite drinks as candles, it sort of blew me away. Mojito candles? You'd better believe it. Just look up any drink you want, from a Tequila sunrise to your fave sangria, and there's probably a candle for it. It's amazing how creative artists are and what scents they come up with.

Did you know you can also get your favorite drinks as lotions and perfumes? The Internet might have unfortunately killed a lot of flea markets and other local treasures but it sure has given us access to a wider variety online. 

What boozy candles, lip balms, lotions and potions have you purchased? Which are your favorites?

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