Boozy Brews and Boos!

What are you drinking this Halloween?

Halloween is here and it's time to get those spooky drink menus all organized and ready! Do you have your pumpkin syrups (these are my go-to sugarfree ones!), your apples, your black salt?  If your answer is no, better get a move on! Those are all fantastic ways to make your drinks more apple-peeling! Seriously, though, swirls of apples cut on the side of a drink look really cute, as to pieces of oranges this time of year.

If you need some inspiration, this red wine margarita looks incredible. These monsteritas are SO fun and spooky, perfect for any party, and I've always been a fan of simply using dry ice to make any drink look a little spooky.

What are your drink menus this Halloween? Share them in the chat! 


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