Booze Better Than Working Out?

For those older than 90 it is!

If you're over 90 years old, exercise may not be the best thing to help you extend your life. In fact, booze may help you out more! A long-term study has indicated that drinking two glasses of beer or wine each day increases longevity for people age 90 and older by 18 percent. The study suggests that it's even better to drink than exercise, which only cuts the risk of dying by 11 percent by that age.

Given that these studies can be biased or based on correlation and not causation, I would not advise all elderly people to just start binge drinking all of the time, but it is interesting. Perhaps those who drink are doing so socially and the social activities are what's helping them live longer? Whatever the reason, it's definitely food--or drink--for thought.

What do you think of this study? Have you read about anything else affecting longevity lately? Share what you find in the chat.

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