Best Holiday Eggnog

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Eggnog is popping up everywhere already and oh, it makes me want it! I'm actually not a fan of much eggnog; it's so rich I can only sip a bit, but I sure love the smell of it. (Fortune Cookie Soap actually has an eggnog product called Moose Mug that I bought during Black Friday for that very reason!) I also love thinner versions of it, like this one that I came up with this week! It's not the same but I think it's delightful. 

I was wondering if you have any special versions of eggnog, spiked or not, to share, whether it's a recipe you love or a brand you love to buy. Each year there are more and more flavors and brands available that makes it even harder to decide. There's also light versions for those who don't want the full fat eggnog as well as the opposite but sugar-free for those avoiding carbs. There are also dairy alternatives, like the recipe I use.

Which types of eggnog are your favorites? Which ones do you suggest buying for the holidays?

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