Back-To-School Cocktails for Parents

Do you celebrate with a drink?

As someone who teaches year-round, I don't get "breaks," which I've often thought to be a good thing. Not only do I love what I do, but I think breaks would throw off my groove and make me just want more breaks! All kidding aside, many parents find themselves exhausted after a summer of no school, looking forward to their kids going back and even traveling to Disneyland alone!

With that in mind, you may wish to enjoy some of these back-to-school drinks while your kids are at school this year. Maybe you even want to celebrate your kids making the team, getting the grade or just having time with their friends that they've missed this summer. Maybe you want to celebrate your own down time, or more time to work/go back to work. For whatever reason, you could give these Scientist Slushie, Class Mom and Gym Class Hero cocktails a try. You could probably even make many without booze to celebrate with your kids after school!

What drinks are you enjoying this week? Share them in the chat!

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