80s Drinks

Perfect for your 80s Bash

The 80s are all the rage right now, and whether you're hosting a theme party, binging Stranger Things or shopping for some cute 80s clothing making a comeback, there are several fun 80s drinks you can try to complete the look and feel of your 80s adventure. 

Most of these don't sound totally 80s to some, especially since many are still served today. A Long Island Iced Tea? It was an 80s staple, but it's still sold by the bottle. Drinks like the B-52, however, aren't nearly as common, although some people still order the yummy drink named after the band. It has Kahlua, Bailey's and orange triple sec, so what's not to love? I kind of want one right now while I blast "Roam" on the iPo... I mean, stereo.

What are your favorite drinks from the 80s? Share them in the chat!

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