Boozy Candles

As a candle hoarder, I love unconventional scents that you won't find at the typical store but at, say, geek conventions or in online shops like Etsy. I am a sucker for homemade items to begin with, but when I see a candle named "Hello, Sweetie" as an homage to River Song of Doctor Who fame, you can bet that I'm interested. That happens to be what I'm burning right now.

RW Knudson Family Spritzer Drinks

These things are delicious—but a bit caloric.

As a fruity drink addict, I am always looking for something new to enjoy that fizzes but won’t add to my daily calorie intake—much. I like things that taste sweet or fruity, and especially drinks that fizz—but caffeine isn’t a requirement. I don’t like a lot of artificial sweeteners, though I’ll try just about anything once.

I picked up two packs of RW Knudson drinks while grocery shopping the other night because they were on sale. And they were fizzy. Both are spritzer drinks; one is Red Raspberry while the other—my favorite—is Jamaican Lemonade. Both are absolutely delicious, fruity and bubbly just like I like them, though they seem to run on the small side as far as canned drinks go at 10.5 ounces per can. They are slightly less caloric than soda—110 to 120 calories per can—but if they matched soda per ounce they would probably be even closer.

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