Chugging a Beer Sideways – The Old School Way! (COOL CHUGGING DEVICE!)

Have you ever seen a buddy or somebody poking a hole in the side of a beer can, and you are wondering, why in the heck are they doing this when they can just as easily open the tab on the top of the can and just drink the beer that way? Well, you wouldn’t be the first to question this outlandish approach to drinking a beer. But there is a good explanation as to why beer lovers frequently administer this classic chugging gimmick to their beer cans. I like to call this a sideways beer chugging. The reason for punching the hole in the side of the can is because you can allow more air to pass through the can. More air means that more beer passes through into your mouth, making it far easier to down a can of beer. You simply hold the beer can sideways and punch a hole on the bottom side. Then open the tab really quickly and drink the beer from out of the hole you punched as air pushes in from the tab on the top! The Shotgun Party Opener Calling all lovers of beer in the can and chugging: this device is must have my friends. It is called the Shotgun Party Opener. It opens cans. It opens bottles. And most importantly, it allows you to poke the needed hole in the side of beer can to enable more air to pass through so you can chug as many as possible, in as little time as possible, on your way to a quick and drunken stupor with your best buddies. They retail online for just a few bucks each, plus the cost of shipping and handling. You can get one by Clicking Here. Awesome Device Enables Quick Beer Shotgun Maneuvers I was surfing around on and actually stumbled across this device that was made just for this purpose: to poke a hole in the side of a beer can and enable more air to pass through the can so you can easily chug the delicious contents that are contained within the can! Awesome! Check out this video, where a candid tailgater demonstrates how easy to use this keychain device is and shows you how to properly use it to cut a hole in a beer can for a shotgun, and how to chug that frothy, cold brew afterwards.


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