Everclear and a Watermelon – Just What the Drinking Doctor Ordered!

Have you ever heard of this popular mixed drink? It is actually a fruit concoction that is made using Everclear brand corn alcohol and any type of vodka. Similar to the fruitiness and the ease at which Jell-O shots can be downed, the Everclear and watermelon mixture has been a favorite amongst bars, fraternities, sororities and younger drinkers for nearly fifty years and counting. How to Make an Everclear, Vodka and Watermelon Fruit Mixture You will need about $40-$50 dollars to purchase the necessary supplies and liquors. Things that you will need: • Full watermelon • Large baking sheet • Bottle of Everclear • Bottle of Vodka • Cutting knife • Plastic Wrap • Fridge Directions: 1. Slice the watermelon in half and place it with the fruity side up on a large baking sheet. 2. Wrap the entire watermelon (Both Sides) in plastic wrap. 3. Flip the watermelon over so that the exposed side is face down on the baking sheet, and all of it is wrapped in plastic wrap. 4. Take a larger knife and cut two holes from the center of the watermelon, equally positioned from each other. 5. Pour bottle of vodka into one hole. 6. Pour bottle of Everclear into the other hole. 7. Allow the watermelon to sit for ten minutes to seep in vodka and Everclear. 8. Place watermelon in the fridge. 9. Allow watermelon to sit in fridge for at least two to four hours. 10. Remove watermelon from the fridge. 11. Flip watermelon over and remove the plastic wrap. 12. Cut, serve, get drunk, and enjoy! How to Make Everclear, Vodka and Watermelon! In the video below—that I imbedded and found courtesy of the popular video file sharing website, Youtube.com—a bar worker demonstrates exactly how you make this very popular and tasty, easy to get drunk on concoction. Remember that by even eating the smallest piece of this fruity mixture, you will become very intoxicated, very fast. So, if you are planning on driving anywhere, make sure that you give it at least two hours per service or you may be over the legal limit for driving. It is also advised that you take your time eating this as you may not taste the liquor and if you eat it too fast, you may find that the room suddenly has started spinning!
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It says you need a full watermelon, but you only used half? And what proof everclear did you use 151 or 190?